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Update system and install tools

sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade -y
sudo apt install screen -y

Create a directory

mkdir $HOME/tfsc && cd tfsc

Download the latest version

wget -q -O && unzip && rm

Give the file permission to execute

chmod +x tfs_v1.1.0_68d583b_testnet

Setings config.json

Run the program to generate the configuration file config.json

./tfs_v1.1.0_68d583b_testnet -c

Open the config file and enter the name of your node in the “name” line, then enter your external IP address in the “ip” line

vim config.json

Create a session in Screen

screen -S tfsc

Launch the program in menu display mode, after which your wallet will be automatically created and the cert folder will be generated, in which the private key for this wallet will be stored

./tfs_v1.1.0_68d583b_testnet -m

After this, your node will begin synchronizing

Screen Control: ctrl+A +D - disconnect from the current session, the node will continue to work in the background screen -r tfsc - join the session in which the node is running ctrl+A +ESC - scrolling mode

Each operator must fill out the forms

Form for collecting information about the node:

Test coins request form:

After the synchronization is completed:

  • Stake - 1000 TTFSC
  • Delegate - 10000 TTFSC